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Thank you for bearing with us during our repair of the main site.  This is a temporary (possibly a long temporary, but temporary) site for posting job listings only.  All of the normal site rules still apply. 

ALL USERS: Registration on this "understudy" site is only required for posting, not for viewing.  In addition, Internships and Non-Paying jobs have their own separate sections, and should not be posted in the other specific categories.


Post your job in the category that fits it best. 
Please use the following format (Listings that do not follow this format may be removed):

Job seekers: USE CONTACT INFO PROVIDED IN THE LISTING.  Do NOT use the REPLY function on the listing.

This section of is not connected to the main database. Therefore, you will need to register again here to post in this section.  Please be aware that once the main site is live again, any new registrations or job listings posted here will not transfer back to the main site.  If you have a job currently posted on the main site, you will need to reregister and repost the job here in order for it to be viewed on this section of the site.

Do not use this section of the site as a discussion forum.  While we are using the functions of a forum to act as the temporary means of posting job listings, any posts replying to job listing or discussing the job listings will be deleted.

For general questions or requests regarding this temporary section of, please contact

For questions regarding, please continue to contact the owner, Patrick Hudson, at